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Atlas of Genesis started its activities in the field of personal development in 2000 with the focus on Mr. Saeed Hosseinian with 6 participants. These activities continued for years in the official centers of the country. Numerous workshops were held in cultural centers and conference halls with the support of planning, planning and implementation volunteers.

For 10 years, during a long-term understanding with the Ansar Islamic Center, most of the programs of the Atlas Genesis Cultural Institute since 2010 have been held in this precious complex. The institute has added other cultural and research programs to its activities since 2015 by obtaining a license as Atlas Genesis Multi-Purpose Cultural and Artistic Institute under registration number 34806 from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and is committed to continuing this mission in constructive interaction with society.


The most important and fundamental part of the activities of the Atlas Institute is the emergence of loved ones who have not voluntarily withheld their immediate support from the beginning of their activity until now, and we intend to protect the honorable position of these loved ones and fulfill their commitment in developing the educational activities of the Institute. .

All participants of the crossing breeding workshop can experience volunteer activity in the volunteer section in person or in absentia.

This voluntary activity, along with valuable and effective social achievements, has special training in the field of personal development and fulfillment of social obligations. We recommend that you refer to the manuscripts and videos of volunteers from previous periods and carefully review them.

It is necessary to explain that the volunteers participate in all the activities of the institute from the implementation to the decision making and are the main owners of the Atlas of Genesis Cultural Institute.

Atlas Peydayesh

Genesis Atlas intends to present its activities and effective applications and programs with the continuation of the path it has taken so far, based on the localized capabilities in the field of culture and considering the importance of the issue of adaptability and flexibility of the individual with the surrounding world. Simplifying everyday human communication and creating a new attitude towards human beings in order to represent and reconstruct the original human capabilities in the form of various cultural programs is a simple, difficult task. Genesis Atlas offers non-stereotyped work programs in the three areas of personal development, health management, and fundamental revision of work culture, as evidenced by the satisfaction of more than 99% of workshop participants.

We invite you, dear ones, to read this site considering your situation in life, and if you have any questions about the activities of the institute, please contact the public relations telephone number (02154932000).

Independent research

After several successful experiences, this collection intends to strengthen the coherent relationship between the valuable position of the university and the community and to fulfill the social responsibilities of the institute from the master’s and doctoral student dissertations after reviewing and approving the group of experts of the institute. Give. Theses focus on topics in the fields of artificial intelligence, environment, energy and homeopathy. In this section, the institution also welcomes the presence of sponsors.

For more information, contact the public relations number of the institute 02154932000.

Work with us

Any cooperation or support in related fields please email us at ceo@atlas-p.org.

Complementary activities of the institute

Atlas Peydayesh Team

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