Asar Workshop (The Effect)

In your viewpoint, Asar workshop means doing a job. Yet job, income, work experiences and all those would appear as different meaning for you.

We are either an employee or employer, with whatever identity we are, we work. Seeing the future of our job is very difficult, we do need to understand that proficiency is not enough.

It is necessary that we are enthusiastic about the working and not type of activity, to enable ourselves to create the work aligned with our values, drawing appealing scheme for our jobs.

A lighthouse is a very clear and distinctive sign for a captain, to know he is still afloat and going through its path.

Vessels in the ocean of wealth, vagrant with tilt, are in motion, in search of direction. Put time for your job, yet doing it requires only little time.

Generate your values, recognize your partners, competitors, neutrals, competitors, opponents and supporters in work.


Fariba Rahimi