Obur Workshop (the passing)

Learning to live, life appears. The narrative of life is very ancient. There are moments in our lives in which we experienced bitter events. Some moments, in turbulent and blocked paths, we do remember life.

Maybe more than anything, living in existence and observing surrounding happenings requires witnessing, meaning knowing the history of our life and discovering it.

Living in countless differences, makes human beings incapable of choosing and by always being in uncertainty, false refuge and various doubts, we ruin living and finally we endure only being alive in life and live, only being alive.

We generally win and struggle to win, but we won’t mature.

Passing through the flow of life is presence and learning, yet our path is inconspicuous.

How is our life’s stance?

and how is not


All the words and literatures in this notation are chosen carefully; please read carefully.

Fariba Rahimi