Obur Workshop
شماره : 4438

Initials: S.M



With best dedication,

I’m so happy to have participated in this workshop. Before my participation, I would never imagine that this workshop is held in such a way and so tangible that I can easily contemplate about my life and issues related to it. I considered ‘living” much more complicated than I do now .My relations with other people was so complicated and I cared about their judgments so much that it heavily influenced my life and my tranquility, but after participating in these sessions, I developed a better attitude towards myself and my desires as well as my relationship with my life and my daughter, especially ;finally, I did realize the value of appreciation and thanksgiving ;I hope to benefit from the topics raised in the workshop in future, that is I can gain more and more benefits with the passage of time and live life to the full.


شماره : 4436

Initials: M. T

Age: 28 years

Occupation: Web Developer (Programmer)

In the name of God

Thank the Great God for putting any goodness and virtue in our lives so that we can benefit from them for improvement, growth and evolution.

First of all, thank God for all happenings in my life and the blessings he has given me; after that I am grateful to Fariba for tolerating me ,before anything, and for teaching me the way of living so articulately,  so that no disruption occurs in the order of life and I am very very grateful and thankful with all of mine.

M. T.

In this course, I learnt that what life is; life is very beautiful and very planned and accurate.

In fact, this is us who disrupt the arrangement of life with our mistakes and unconsciousness, whereas living means dancing with the melody of life and enjoying it.

شماره : 4437

Initials: M. A.

Age: 35

Occupation: self-employed

“Passing”; I had never seen life from this perspective. I always tried to avoid crashes and conflicts in my life, but when I participated in the Obur( the passing) Workshop and its message: life full of growth and creativity, I don’t want to stand stagnated in my life; I just feel like ‘passing”.

 ''Passing'' is really a beautiful meaning for living.

The beautiful life begins with passing, is spent and terminates by just passing.

I will certainly pass.


شماره : 4439


Age: 32

Occupation: Housewife

Dear Fariba,

I'm so sorry that I couldn't speak with you during the workshop, but I'm so happy to have this chance to thank you for your favor.

I'm in the worst days of my life that I've ever experienced .I got acquainted with you in the days full of sadness, loneliness and complaining about everyone, and your words and teachings did have an influence on changing my attitude and mood.

Sometimes, I think to myself even though I lost my mother and my sister ,God gave me the chance to have someone as inspiring as you in my life, so that I won’t get far from the goals for which I was created.

I'm so grateful for all the inner tranquility and calmness I have currently.