شماره : 4517

Initials: L. J.

I am really grateful to my cousin (Sh. H.) who introduced and recommended this seminar to me; I am very happy to have spent 7 hours in this seminar and the fact that my thoughts changed a lot, and I am going to choose correct paths in my life from now on.

Dear Fariba, now I am full of great motivations and energy which I received from your positive energy.

From now on, I will be trying to stay in contact with the institute to take part in other seminars. I am also very very happy to have met you.

شماره : 4518

 Initials: Z. D.

Thank you, dear Fariba, dear N., dear B., and dear F. for putting many efforts into our adolescence.

And I love you as much as the colorful sky.

Thank you for helping me to learn everything.


شماره : 4519

Initials: A. H. H.

Hello dear Fariba; I was considerably transformed in this workshop and now I do feel responsibility.  This class was good indeed. I'm really satisfied. Thank you